How to Become a Valuable Volunteer

Being a volunteer is no easy task. You want to do good and make a difference. It is an inspiring and admirable effort, no doubt. It takes a lot of passion and drive to be able to spend time away from your family and volunteer abroad in the hopes of changing other people’s lives. But there are several and complex social and political factors that could come into play when choosing where and how to volunteer.
Volunteer Abroad
Here are some tips to help align your charitable efforts with the local needs:
Always Keep an Open Mind
It is good to set goals about what you want to achieve when you volunteer in Fiji or some other third world countries. However, you need to be practical when setting goals. You are more likely to introduce incremental changes to the local community you are volunteering in Fiji rather than bring grand improvement in their lives. Your role as a volunteer is to build the incremental steps to the proverbial ladder with which the locals will trudge on to improve their current livelihood and social situation. Always keep your mind open and be willing to take on any role that is handed out to you.
Learn First
Before you can be an effective volunteer abroad, you have a lot of learning to do. It is a big commitment of time, effort and your skill. But your cultural background is completely different when you embark on a Fiji travel volunteer program. That cultural difference could serve as a barrier that will inhibit growth for you or the community you are serving.  Check out Involvement Volunteers International
As an important first step, you should learn as much about the culture you are volunteering in as you can. This will enable you to immerse fully into their experience and see things through their perspective. When you can see things from their perspective, you will become more effective at your volunteering duties.
Focus on Impact of Your Work
When you do volunteer work abroad, you have to consistently assess and evaluate yourself. Are you making the kind of impact you set out to do? Is the community learning through you? You need to be conscious of the effort you put in and how it is received by the locals. No matter how much work you do, if it is not received by the locals, then you are not getting the job done. One way to go about this is to speak with locals from time to time. Try to get a grasp of how well they have improved their lives since you came in. This will also enable you to make the appropriate changes.
There is no clear definition of what constitutes being a valuable volunteer. It can also vary according to the situation at the country or local community with which you choose to volunteer in. But with the guidelines above, you will hopefully be able to optimize the time you spent to volunteer abroad and make an impact on others’ lives.

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